Fashion Me up

I thought this would be a cool thing to write about…

We all have this “role model” or even better an “icon” we all want to be like when we grow up. I just have to say I have a few on my mind right now, not a specific one…

This is my taste, what I believe is the whole meaning of what fashion is and means to me. These are, as you can say- my “fashion icons” (maybe just bloggers) and my top 3.

Shall we begin ladies?

my #1 is the queen of posh Victoria Beckham.


Wow, simply wow! So chic , elegant and effortless. this is my first best look of V.


My second best look of her is this two – piece black dress shirt.  screaming class.


Okay, let’s move on to our #2 Miss Olivia Palermo. This amazing peplum skirt with this pumps and clutch is beautiful.


Olivia is just a genius, I mean she couldn’t have looked better. This incredible leather printed dress is the Bomb.


Let’s move on to our last but not least, Sincerely Jules. She is a great blogger with an even better fashion sense.


Jules is striking again, sport shoes have become a huge trend.

Okay guys, hope you have got your fashion dose for this week.

Will keep posting, stay updated.





















Hide and seek

Hi there my beloved fashion gang.
I wanted to share with you one of my favorite tips for the perfect, chic look.
I like to call it the “hide and seek principle”. Basically this means show some – hide some.
Many times I stood in front of the mirror after choosing my outfit and something just didn’t work. loved the pants, loves the top, the combination was good but I either looked ultra conservative or well… a little too revealing.
The secret to avoid this wardrobe malfunction is to choose one part of your body that you don’t mind showing and cover the rest. for example – strapless top with maxi skirt or, a top tat shows some cleavage with jeans. i went for a buttoned blouse with a pair of shorts.

BTW – this tip also works to help you decide how to do your hair and make up and how to accessorize.  For a top with a closed neck – go for hair up and reveal your neck. For a spaghetti strap tank top go for hair down or hair up plus a pair of big earrings. if your look is conservative all together spice it up with red lips and accessorize and if your look already has enough spice tone it down with a more minimalistic make up.

This was my look for today:trtrrtrt
post1post21tgg   444
note – even my Miu Miu shoes are playing hide and seek. casual sneaker base with risque crystals and leather trims.

I was wearing:
Sack’s button blouse
H&M high waisted shorts
Ruby Star ring
And of course last but not least, my Miu Miu sneakers.


Vacation Must Have’s

So this summer, everyone’s going on vacation. I prefer a hot one. relaxing, on a deserted island with a novel. But that’s just me, I don’t know about you. So for now I’m gonna do my “Must Have’s” for a hot vacation getaway. I’m already drooling all over the place now, so jelous.
Listen up ladies- this is a must.When we go out to the sun we have to protect the skin we’re in. (I know no one actually does it, I mean come on everyone wants to have their bohemian glow). I think you shouldn’t really put an effort on what you are wearing, because once you arrive to the beach the clothes are off and are not coming back on anytime soon. I usually reccommend a big beach bag you can stuff everything in, but again, it’s just me.

I like this oversized sweater and I think it’s perfect for these types of vacations. I also think it’s really pretty when the bikini is showing under the sweater.


As I said before these bags can contain just about everything you need. I like a big hat, a book and of course a camera. I mean a girl’s got to show off her bikini am I right?
These are another types of bags you could bring along with you, I’m just a stuffer, I like to have everything I need with me.

Okay, I just love maxi dresses. especially on breezy night walking around the island.
So I think you are all set! hope the tips and “Must Have’s” served you well!
Feel free to ask me any questions. Enjoy your vacation.


I’m all about the Asos

So, I know I haven’t posted in a while now about my favorite brand but I thought this is too great to miss! I have got my hands on the latest “Asos” magazine edition for August. So exited to share this with you! Not only it’s like my go to brand which I love, so outgoing, easy and wearable it is now out to public that a Asos store will be opening in Israel later this year. So happy for all the great ideas coming and what not! Can you keep a secret? Shhhh…

I was wearing-
Equipment dress, Ancient Greek Sandals and Philip Lim 3.1 mini satchel.
I don’t know about you, but I’m so waiting for Semptember’s issue.
Make sure you check Asos with the link attached below.


African Romance

So I know you guys have heard about all kinds of prints all year long… Thought you haven’t seen this one coming.
I believe it’s revolved from the Africa and it’s traditions, But it’s just me. So I feel like I’ve already introduced the both of you. Feel the attraction? Mine was instant. It ramains classy with a dash of color which I know we all love.

Here’s the first look. printed top with matching skirt and a blue cropped jacket. The look is sealed with a turquoise heel that throwes a splash of color. Ready for the next one?

Speechless. I live for things like that. The blue&white finishes of the dress just takes it to a whole new level. And the hair. Don’t even get me started.
Wow! I mean could this get any better? This is a new tranformation to your closet. I vote yes. The head wrap, the bangle errings. This is screaming colors, But is not exaggerated. There all working together.
Just wanted to show you that you don’t have to wear these looks in a colorful way if you don’t feel like it. You can do whatever you want, play with the colors. I like the studds on the skirt, it gives it a little nodge of edgyness.
Oh! And last but not least, the accessories. It works on all. wear it with all black or white that will give it a clean look.
I love these looks. It emphasis the women. So I think we are all done here. It’s time for a new change. new you. Don’t you agree?

Till next,


Ain’t manly enough for you?

Hey readers, How’s the week treating ya? Mine was kinda busy.
So let’s cut to the chase here,I’ve been wanting to wear a hardcore look- I simply took my favorites “louboutins” which I adore, went out’ and’ well as I mentioned in previous posts I’m a woman of few words so let’s get to it. Ready?



I was wearing-

Rag &Bone sweater, Aritzia tank, Vince leather leggings and last but not least pointy louboutins. Muwa, Xoxo,



Crazy Sh!t

Hey there, I know I haven’t posted in a while now but I think that what I have been working on was totally worth the wait.
I was trying to channel my inner man. Think it went pretty well there ha? I just love to break the classy look with a massive booties, could say in other words there’s a new trend going on here. I went on a kinda bad- ass look with this manly 3D shades. I gotta confess I was influenced by the one&only- ‘Man Repeller’. Come on, She’s a trendsetter.
She dresses for no one but for herself, clothes that are not so sexy I must say but are so unique, that sometimes might comes as a turn-off for some guys, but I feel like It’s most important to feel beautiful in what you are wearing and sometimes it’s good not to care because if you like what you are wearing- wear it, dare a little, well at least that’s what I was doing.. Did it work? 






From me and my girl,