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*POP* goes the lipstick

One of my favorite things to wear – is red lips.
It’s the makeup equivalent to the little black dress and done the right way it can work 24\7, with a gown or just a casual look.

This is my look for today, stealing some sunlight and seeing all red!


I was wearing:
Kenzo striped dress
Disco Rosso platforms
Retro Super Future sunglasses.

P.S. – nothing works better with lipstick then a whole summer’s worth of tan!

Hey, I worked hard for it!

see you soon, XOXO


I’m a gentle(wo)man.

That is it guys!
I am back from my summer vacation (will write all about it soon, promise), it was incredible, relaxing and beautiful. But now, its back to being a busy bee…

In honor of getting back to our grinding routines I just wanted to share with you my favorite “never ending day” outfit. Whats a “never ending day” outfit you might ask? well… its literally an outfit you can wear from morning to night and anytime in between without having to go back home and change. Now, it might seem easy but that is surely not the case. Here are a few tips and tricks to create your perfect “never ending day” ensemble:

1. Shoes – unless you are one of those people who were born with a pair of heels on their feet – wear flats. There is nothing worst then having to walk around all day with a funny walk and a funny face (Not in the cute way).
2. Black – black is the ultimate classic. No matter where you need to go or what you need to do you can always look both cute and professional at the same time.
3. Weather – That is a very important rule. The weather can change pretty drastically from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. It can be very hot during the day time and you want to look and feel fresh for the whole entire day without having to run back home for a quick shower. Wear less and grab a second layer option for later hours when things might get a bit chilly – meaning a scarf or a jacket (these will also help you with my next tip).
4. Plan ahead – This is where accessories come in handy. The sunglasses and\or jewelry you choose can help you transform your daytime look from casual to chic and back within seconds. same goes for you hairdo and lipstick. That can be exactly the change you need from coffee with friends to business meeting or job interview. As for your evening wear, choose something that will make your daytime ensemble pop out, maybe with a bold color or interesting item to add some flare to your look.
5. Take a deep breath and – Go, Go, Go!

1 2 3
I was wearing:
Zadig & Voltaire brocade blazer
Vince leather tank
Rag & Bone leather shorts
Ancient Greek sandals
Cristian Dior sunglasses

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Trend alert! – Swimsuit edition (part 4)

Day 4 of our extra special beach bonanza!
For everyone just joining us, this week is all about swimwear trends. Every day i will be posting on a trend that’s about to take the shores by storm!

And today: The ruffled swimsuit
The 2014 ruffle is strategically placed mostly on the top part of the suit (not to be mistaken with a ruffled bottom that resembles a skirt. There can be a bit of ruffle on the buttom but 2014 is all about the top.) it can be symmetric or asymmetric and the more drama the better.
This is a bold look not for every occasion or gal. I love it though and i say – if you decide to go for it, go all the way. 

Carolina Herrera – i know there is also a skirt thing going on but look at the differences in volume. Focus is definitely on the top.

Lisa Marie Fernandez 430$ get it here

Mouille Naomi Frill One-Shoulder Bikini Top $101.60 + Bottom $94.08, asos.com

Zimmermann One-Piece Sweetheart Swimsuit $147 www.saksfifthavenue.com

Dramatic, Feminine and oh so gorgeous!

Tomorrow is our fifth and last part of swimwear week so get ready!
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Trend alert! – Swimsuit edition (part 3)

Greetings style explorers!
Beachwear week continues as we explore the wonderful world that is summer 2014.
Lets get to it!

And today:
Athletic chic

High neckline that accentuate your toned arms and shoulders.
zippers and mesh instead of beads and trims.
sporty colors and materials like neoprene that gives a splash of surfer/diver edge.
To sum it up – If you worked hard this winter this is the perfect way to show off the results.

MIKOH Osaka cutout swimsuit £175 net-a-porter.com

LISA MARIE FERNANDEZ Lauren bikini 450$ mytheresa.com

T by ALEXANDER WANG mesh-trimmed bikini 595$ mytheresa.com

DION LEE Purity neoprene bikini £300.00 selfridges.com

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XOXO Romy!

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Trend alert! – Swimsuit edition (part 2)

Welcome friends, to day 2 of beachwear week!
This week we focus on getting that perf look for summer.

And today we are covering – the Scallop edge trend!
This finish is so fresh and clean but still romantic and feminine.
Defiantly one of my personal favorites. Notice this trend is also mainly black&white.

Lupita Nyong makes everything looks so damn good!
love this Marysia suit on her!

Check out these other stunning options:

CHLOÉ MARE Scallop-trim bikini $366.00 mytheresa.com

Hervé Léger Scalloped bandage triangle bikini 587$ net-a-porter.com

Fresh, fresh, fresh! i need a frozen drink.
until tomorrow!



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Trend alert! – Swimsuit edition (part 1)

Hi guys! Get ready for an extra special event here on DCBR…
This week is all dedicated to swimwear!

Summer is officially here (almost) and after covering up all winter its time to show some skin on the beach!
Sounds easy right? well, not exactly… winter is all about finding the right items and mixing them up perfectly while summer is all about precision.
-Fear not fashion lovers! iv’e got all the trends right here and this week i’m gonna post about all the hottest trends in beachwear so you can stay ahead of the game and tan with style.
Lets get to it!

Today we start by covering the – RETRO BIKINI.
Low cut, high waist bottoms will make your legs look longer and  accentuate the naturally smallest part on your body – your waistline.
This year the trend focuses on black and white combo’s (the B&W is basically another trend all on its own this year) so ide stick to that.
here are a few examples:

Taylor Swift rocking a B&W retro bikini – completing the look with cat-eye shades and red lipstick

Jason Wu Bandeau Bikini, $425 net-a-porter.com

LISA MARIE FERNANDEZ 390$ thecorner.com (Pssst!… notice the zipper, we’re gonna talk about it later on this week).

So this is it for today’s lesson! stay tuned and until tomorrow – XOXO



Talk Disney To Me

Well, This week I’ve found the secret to success! Well…  I meant in fashion.

After all the trends we have seen – prints, floral, A- line… this one’s the real deal.
Disney created a line of exclusive jeans, with Disney figures on them such as – villains, princesses etc…
IT is totally catchy and seems like all the right trend setters are working this trend.

So , I wanna hear your feedback on it , what do you say- YAY OR NAY?

What could be better than rocking some of the baddest bad girls on your gams, Especially loving all that sass coming from Maleficent on the left.
Cara Delevigne on her Instagram account I mean What could be better than rocking some of the baddest bad girls on your gams?! Especially loving all that sass coming from Maleficent on the left.


Here we have Lady Gaga in a different style yet the same concept. Seems like she made a tribute to Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella and Jasmine while rocking these jeans.


So What do you think? Would you rock these Disney-themed jeans?

While we’re already on the subject – check out these combinations of Disney , designer , runways and a whole lot’ of fashion… courtesy of Gerlan Jeans

min minn
A bit  ’90s\Minnie Mouse don’t you think?


So looks like Disney conquered the planet!
I’m just obsessed with this trend and I think all the right people seem to agree with me.

Till the next Disney lovers,