Hide and seek

Hi there my beloved fashion gang.
I wanted to share with you one of my favorite tips for the perfect, chic look.
I like to call it the “hide and seek principle”. Basically this means show some – hide some.
Many times I stood in front of the mirror after choosing my outfit and something just didn’t work. loved the pants, loves the top, the combination was good but I either looked ultra conservative or well… a little too revealing.
The secret to avoid this wardrobe malfunction is to choose one part of your body that you don’t mind showing and cover the rest. for example – strapless top with maxi skirt or, a top tat shows some cleavage with jeans. i went for a buttoned blouse with a pair of shorts.

BTW – this tip also works to help you decide how to do your hair and make up and how to accessorize.  For a top with a closed neck – go for hair up and reveal your neck. For a spaghetti strap tank top go for hair down or hair up plus a pair of big earrings. if your look is conservative all together spice it up with red lips and accessorize and if your look already has enough spice tone it down with a more minimalistic make up.

This was my look for today:trtrrtrt
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note – even my Miu Miu shoes are playing hide and seek. casual sneaker base with risque crystals and leather trims.

I was wearing:
Sack’s button blouse
H&M high waisted shorts
Ruby Star ring
And of course last but not least, my Miu Miu sneakers.

oui, C'est moi

I believe in pink

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.
I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.
I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” – Audrey Hepburn

as long as i can remember myself, I’ve always loved pink.
I think pink is the ultimate girly color. its happy, its can be soft or bold, pale or dark but there’s always something comforting about it.
The weird thing is, i’ve always had trouble using it for fashion or even interior design superposes.
at the last minute i would always go for the black or the white or for neutrals.  today, enough is enough.

This is as pink as it gets and i love it!
how ’bout you?
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I was wearing:



oui, C'est moi, Trends

*POP* goes the lipstick

One of my favorite things to wear – is red lips.
It’s the makeup equivalent to the little black dress and done the right way it can work 24\7, with a gown or just a casual look.

This is my look for today, stealing some sunlight and seeing all red!


I was wearing:
Kenzo striped dress
Disco Rosso platforms
Retro Super Future sunglasses.

P.S. – nothing works better with lipstick then a whole summer’s worth of tan!

Hey, I worked hard for it!

see you soon, XOXO

oui, C'est moi

winds of change

Hi Dear readers, have you noticed the evenings are getting a bit chilly?

well, maybe its just me…
Its still warm and sunny and the trees and flowers are still in bloom but something is different… i think winter is on its way.
Its in the wind in my hair, and the extra cardigan i started taking with me, just in case…

I’m excited to see what this next season is going to bring but until that time comes, im gonna enjoy every ray of sun on my way
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I was wearing:
James Perse tank dress
Equipment silk blouse
Michael Kors gladiators
Phlip Lim satchel
Diesel Black Gold sunglasses
Ruby Star ring & necklace
And last but not least just for the one’s who are interested my lipstick is Cruella lip pencil by Nars.




I’m a gentle(wo)man.

That is it guys!
I am back from my summer vacation (will write all about it soon, promise), it was incredible, relaxing and beautiful. But now, its back to being a busy bee…

In honor of getting back to our grinding routines I just wanted to share with you my favorite “never ending day” outfit. Whats a “never ending day” outfit you might ask? well… its literally an outfit you can wear from morning to night and anytime in between without having to go back home and change. Now, it might seem easy but that is surely not the case. Here are a few tips and tricks to create your perfect “never ending day” ensemble:

1. Shoes – unless you are one of those people who were born with a pair of heels on their feet – wear flats. There is nothing worst then having to walk around all day with a funny walk and a funny face (Not in the cute way).
2. Black – black is the ultimate classic. No matter where you need to go or what you need to do you can always look both cute and professional at the same time.
3. Weather – That is a very important rule. The weather can change pretty drastically from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. It can be very hot during the day time and you want to look and feel fresh for the whole entire day without having to run back home for a quick shower. Wear less and grab a second layer option for later hours when things might get a bit chilly – meaning a scarf or a jacket (these will also help you with my next tip).
4. Plan ahead – This is where accessories come in handy. The sunglasses and\or jewelry you choose can help you transform your daytime look from casual to chic and back within seconds. same goes for you hairdo and lipstick. That can be exactly the change you need from coffee with friends to business meeting or job interview. As for your evening wear, choose something that will make your daytime ensemble pop out, maybe with a bold color or interesting item to add some flare to your look.
5. Take a deep breath and – Go, Go, Go!

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I was wearing:
Zadig & Voltaire brocade blazer
Vince leather tank
Rag & Bone leather shorts
Ancient Greek sandals
Cristian Dior sunglasses

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Vacation Must Have’s

So this summer, everyone’s going on vacation. I prefer a hot one. relaxing, on a deserted island with a novel. But that’s just me, I don’t know about you. So for now I’m gonna do my “Must Have’s” for a hot vacation getaway. I’m already drooling all over the place now, so jelous.
Listen up ladies- this is a must.When we go out to the sun we have to protect the skin we’re in. (I know no one actually does it, I mean come on everyone wants to have their bohemian glow). I think you shouldn’t really put an effort on what you are wearing, because once you arrive to the beach the clothes are off and are not coming back on anytime soon. I usually reccommend a big beach bag you can stuff everything in, but again, it’s just me.

I like this oversized sweater and I think it’s perfect for these types of vacations. I also think it’s really pretty when the bikini is showing under the sweater.


As I said before these bags can contain just about everything you need. I like a big hat, a book and of course a camera. I mean a girl’s got to show off her bikini am I right?
These are another types of bags you could bring along with you, I’m just a stuffer, I like to have everything I need with me.

Okay, I just love maxi dresses. especially on breezy night walking around the island.
So I think you are all set! hope the tips and “Must Have’s” served you well!
Feel free to ask me any questions. Enjoy your vacation.

oui, C'est moi

Summertime madness

Are you upset its almost the end of summer?
Are all the malls and shops stacked with new “back to school” stuff and it feels like they’re only there to bring you down?
Do you find yourself wondering “Where did my summer go?”
“How am i ever gonna get up early again?”, “Why is this happening to me??”

-If so, this is the time to wipe those tears away, get out of the house and make these last days of august memorable!



Love you guys, stay tunes for a very special week coming up!