Fashion Me up

I thought this would be a cool thing to write about…

We all have this “role model” or even better an “icon” we all want to be like when we grow up. I just have to say I have a few on my mind right now, not a specific one…

This is my taste, what I believe is the whole meaning of what fashion is and means to me. These are, as you can say- my “fashion icons” (maybe just bloggers) and my top 3.

Shall we begin ladies?

my #1 is the queen of posh Victoria Beckham.


Wow, simply wow! So chic , elegant and effortless. this is my first best look of V.


My second best look of her is this two – piece black dress shirt.  screaming class.


Okay, let’s move on to our #2 Miss Olivia Palermo. This amazing peplum skirt with this pumps and clutch is beautiful.


Olivia is just a genius, I mean she couldn’t have looked better. This incredible leather printed dress is the Bomb.


Let’s move on to our last but not least, Sincerely Jules. She is a great blogger with an even better fashion sense.


Jules is striking again, sport shoes have become a huge trend.

Okay guys, hope you have got your fashion dose for this week.

Will keep posting, stay updated.